Alliance of Valiant arms review. (12/25/10)

  Alliance of valiant arms is your typical modern day first person shooter, the only difference being the price tag, in which this game is 100% free with the option to buy in-game items sooner with real money.
  With the release of Call of Duty: Black ops, COD and FPS fans are flocking to the stores to throw their money away on an overpriced game, when equally good games can be found on the internet, for free. The company Ijji for example has created a modern first person shooter game that has the look and feel of a Call of Duty game (Haven't played Call of duty for several years but from the videos I've seen I am basing this fact on it). I even did some videos of the game Alliance of valiant arms for YouTube in which I will post the videos below. The only downside for A.V.A is that it is only for the pc, where you download it at

(Demonjack123 trying to spread the word of the game, and raging.)
(First video gameplay Demonjack123 ever did of the game.)

The graphics for A.V.A are in HD quality meaning you get all the viewing pleasures you would receive while Playing COD, which is quite impressive for a free online game. I often question how Ijji makes their money and why they give all of their games out for free. But, again I don't feel like digging for answers because it could cause a cataclysmic chain of events that could destroy us all! *ahem* sorry about that. Now on with le' review!! (shocked this was all an opening wasn't you!)
  The story behind Alliance of Valiant arms is about the NRF (Neo Russian federation) invading other countries after a new Russian president 'Vladimir Mashkov' rises to the seat of power. Now to try and summ up a very long and in-depth back-story, I will quote a passage from the story itself.
"Mashkov revives Warsaw Pact under the cause of protecting the Eastern Europe's sovereignty from unjustifiable interventions of US and EU. Eastern Europe countries suffering from great changes permeating in with an introduction of capitalism accepts this treaty thinking that this may be a new"
basically the Russian president sent his forces into neighboring lands to, honestly from my P.O.V to guard his country or something, then he got power hungry and felt like invading one of the countries across seas in order to obtain oil to fuel his empire. The Eu (Europe) having seen enough told the NRF to get their asses out of Eastern Europe, the Russians refusing to leave causes Europe to go to war with them. I will include a link to the full story at the end of this review if you really care about reading it.
  The gameplay for A.V.A is rather smooth and very easy to understand, your on a team, and you have to kill the other team; simple, right? The controls for the game are easy to navigate as well, and you can pretty much figure them out on your own. Interface for A.V.A is also pretty easy to understand since everything is laid out in a noob friendly way. Buying weapons in A.V.A is pretty different from Call of duty, since everything in A.V.A costs 30,000EU+ and it's a pain in the ass to make alot of money, you either have to kill alot of people in a match to make a decent amount, or buy the weapon with real money, which is usually $10.00, again not cheap.

  I don't really feel like explaining the game in anymore detail since I only enjoy writing about horror games. So overally I enjoy A.V.A and in my OPINION any COD fan will as well. With it's HD graphics, fast action gameplay, and friendly interface, I give A.V.A a 9 out of 10.

This review has been brought to you by Cody Sparks owner of NightmareStudioz.

(P.S. theres a bunch of people that bitch in the game as well, so yea you Call of Duty fans will feel right at home.)


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