Steam Christmas holiday sale! (12/31/10)

I know I am abit late on this, so sue me! I have been busy making videos for you lovely readers! <3 anyway, Valve is having a holiday sale on 80% of their games on Steam for 50-90% off. Don't believe me? I just spent $60.00 dollars from Christmas on over 25 games, that include the Half-life series, Penumbra collectors pack, Doom 3 pack, Dead Space, Amnesia: the dark descent, Plants Vs. Zombies, Counter strike: source, and last but not least, Garry's Mod which I am currently using to make my Machinima series. (I will review all of them in due time, once I do an LP of them. That means your next Half-Life!)

(Still don't believe me?)

So if your too impatient to wait for games to be delivered to you by mail, this is the perfect chance for you to get all the games you wanted digitally, at a steal of a price!


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