Killing Floor Twisted Christmas Event 2010

  Awwww, Christmas the most wonderful time of the year. Spending time with family and friends and getting free drugs. It tis a wonderful holiday is it not?... well besides the evil gingerbread men, Zombie Santas', and Frosty who shoot's fire at you. Oh? did I forget to mention that? silly me, let me explain. It's that time of year again when horror games take a festive turn for the worst (a good thing) and Killing floor is no different.
  You might be asking yourself "Jack, what the hell is Killing Floor?" to which I say "Alright you Primitive Screwheads, listen up! You see this? This... is my BOOMSTICK! " because Killing Floor happens to be one of the ONLY good Zombie (specimens) shooting games out on the market this year. I have been too lazy and neglectful to write a review on it up until this point when they just released their new DLC map "Evil santa's lair" (Original AmIrite?) with new achievements and festive friendly monsters!! (See Video below you dick)

                                           (Badass AmIrite?)
Plus for all you Team Fortress 2 tards (me included, YAY!) if you own the game before buying Killing floor
during it's holiday sale you get a usable Pyro character (red and blue!) the game is currently only $6.40 USD but I recommend getting the bundle back where you get all of the DLC's with it (including the just released one) for $9.50 and with that amount of money you could do a hell of alot worse. Plus as Tripwire's Christmas gift to us, they are giving us a lazy badass santa with a beer belly. So for that crazy low price and all the new content you will have access too..It is like soooo worth it.

So in conclusion I highly recommend killing floor because it is a genuine old school shoot em up zombie game that the game industry has been lacking these last few years (house of the dead and left 4 dead doesn't really count.)

                                                  9/10 Graphics

even though the guns and environment is EXCELLENTLY textured, you'll notice your characters arm is abit blocky while carrying your gun and even though its not a big deal it is abit of an eyesore compared to the rest of the game, also the feet are very flat on those fat monsters that puke acid.

                                                 9/10 Gameplay

The reason why I gave it a 9/10 Gameplay wise is because of the fact you move slow in the game and cannot run whatsoever even if a monster is running at you with a chainsaw. You can always switch to your knife to move abit faster but it doesn't really help.

This news has been brought to you by Cody Sparks Owner of NightmareStudioz

REFERENCES: "Alright you Primitive Screwheads, listen up! You see this? This... is my BOOMSTICK! " is a line from the movie Army of Darkness starring Bruce Campbell.

(An official review of the game will be up sometime in the future when I get around to it.)

---------Demonjack123 playing The Twisted Christmas event 2010---------


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