Lord of the Rings Online Book 3 content update - new screens! (3/15/2011) 2:23 PM

Turbine has just released a batch of new screenshots from the upcoming Book 3, Echoes of the Dead content update for the award-winning The Lord of the Rings Online. This new Book will continue the Epic Story with a major quest arc & raid, and new cosmetic upgrades, among other updates, when it launches next week.

The new screenshots depict three new instances that will come with this content update.

LOTRO Update 2 / Book 3, Echoes of the Dead - New Instances
·         The Town of Stoneheight:  The shadow erupts in the town of Stoneheight on the North Downs, where Ivar the Gaunt-lord spreads destruction as he searches for his helm of power.
·         Northcotton Farm:  Thadúr the Ravager has brought festering venom into the heart of the Shire and seeks to spread his poison to every Hobbit hole and hall.
·         The Lost Temple:  In a forgotten temple of ancient Arnor, Ferndúr the Virulent seeks to unleash plague and terror upon Middle-earth.  


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