Plants vs. Zombies (1/13/2011)

  I recently bought the game Plants Vs. Zombies game of the year edition during the steam holiday sale, now let me just say I normally would not review this type of game. But it is just so much fun I just have too!! again I have never reviewed this type of game before, so I will try my best. Now on with le review!

 (Title screen for Plants vs. Zombies)

  First off Plants vs. Zombies is NOT a horror game, so it may be a bit strange reading a review by NightmareStudioz on a game other than horror, but the game has some Halloween elements (zombies) which is good enough for me! especially with just how much damn fun this game is! there are OVER 50 levels in Plants vs. Zombies! but heres another kicker! traditionally once you beat level 1 you go on to level 2 right? well that's not the case in this game. The levels go like this, 1, 1-1, 1-2, 1-3, all the way up to 1-9, and so on. So you will be busy for a VERY long time, and that's not even including the re-playability!

  The game interface is fairly simple, at the main menu screen it shows you several types of game modes you are able to play. Adventure mode, Mini-games, puzzle, and survival.
Adventure mode is pretty much your standard campaign mode where you play from level 1 to 10. Each level getting harder as you move forward, unlocking a new plant to use at the end of each round.
Mini-Games - fun little games like Bowling zombies over with a potato, fighting zombies with plants for heads, slot machines, and much much more, unlocking more games as you progress through adventure mode.
Puzzle - is a game mode that contains 2 separate puzzle types.

  • VaseBreaker - In this puzzle, the player has to break open all the vases and defeat the zombies hidden inside. Different Vasebreaker levels have different plants and zombies, but there are some features common to most of them. Most contain left-facing Repeaters, and all after "To The Left" have two green plant-containing vases with leaf symbols on them. Also, Planterns in "Ace of Vase" and "Vasebreaker Endless" show the contents of the vases adjacent to them. In Endless Mode, there will always be a Gargantuar in one of the Vases, after a streak of ten, two will appear.
  • I, Zombie -  its name, a reference to the book I, Robot, is a group of levels where the player must deploy zombies to overcome cardboard plants and to get to the end of each row, where there is a brain. The level is over when all of the brains have been eaten. At the beginning of the first level, Crazy Dave tells the player that the zombies want practice invading houses, and as he didn't want any plants harmed, so he put cardboard plants on the player's lawn. It was believed that Crazy Dave made the plants come to life with his Magic Taco.

Survival Mode - Survival Mode is unlocked when Adventure Mode is beaten for the first time, the player must survive multiple waves of zombies. He/she gets to choose new seed packets to defend against a different group of zombies, five in total, every 1 or 2 flags (depending on whether playing the normal or hard versions) to continue building up his/her defenses. For each group of zombies, the plants the player previously had on the lawn, and your sun remain, but Lawn Mowers, Pool Cleaners, and Roof Cleaners are not renewed. At the end of the first completion of each Survival Mode level, a Trophy, is received with a diamond, and gold coins for any remaining Lawn Mower, Pool Cleaner or Roof Cleaner.
  Plants Vs. Zombies is a tower defense type strategy game, meaning you command an army to defend a home base or a main point. But instead of a regular army you get an army of plants, each with a special ability. Each round the game gives you a 10 second head start to get at least 1 or 2 plants on the ground before the first zombies begin to move in. The first and probably the most important plant you want on the field is the sunflower. It produces sunpower, which you collect, and the more sunpower you have the more flowers you are able to produce. In the tutorial the game even says try to get at least 3 sunflowers on the field before anything else.
  The gameplay is fairly simple as well, all you do is point and click with your mouse, to plant things, grab things, and thats pretty much your only controls - the mouse. The majority of the gameplay revolves around the actions of you the player, you have to think a little ahead in advance to know where you want to plant a certain plant (remember strategic), but not too much thinking that would cause you to bleed out of your eye sockets in frustration.
  The graphics for this game are playful and nice, which is a nice change for those of you who are tired of all this "realistic" crap. The graphics are one of the reasons why I don't rage when I lose, because it's very enjoyable to look at, also the gameplay helps with me not raging too.

  Overall, Plants vs. Zombies is a fun creative game that will also get you to utilize your mind without you even noticing! if you are looking for a fun casual game to play around at the office (lazy prick), at home, or even during school hours (you have balls), then this is just the game for you! (Also watching plants mutilate zombies is pretty humorous as well).

NightmareStudioz gives Plants vs. Zombies a 10 out of 10.

Graphics - 10 out of 10, very pleasing on the eyes, humorous, and just fun to look at!
Gameplay- 9 out of 10 controls are very simple, doesn't require MUCH thinking, and its satisfying pissing off a zombie in his underwear after you destroy the newspaper he was reading. Only problem is you have to reach a certain point in campaign mode to unlock certain game modes, and continue playing campaign in order to unlock MORE of that game mode (Mini-Games)
Game interface - 10 out of 10 game menu blatantly states which game modes you are able to play, very noob friendly.

This review was written by Cody Sparks, Owner of NightmareStudioz.

REFERENCES: Puzzle mode 
                       Survival Mode


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