New Left 4 dead DLC “The Sacrifice” coming October 5th 2010 (Oct. 1, 2010)

Yep, you heard right it’s the DLC we have all been waiting for. The DLC called “The sacrifice” will finally shed some light on how Bill actually dies. (I love Bill :C) The DLC will be available for Left 4 dead 1, and 2 users. The DLC is free for pc users and costs a small amount for Xbox users.
Left 4 dead \”The Sacrifice\” DLC (L4D & L4D2)
During an interview which was supposed to be about the upcoming release of the much anticipated “Portal 2″ video game Left 4 Dead’s writer Chet Faliszek announced there would be a new DLC for left 4 dead 1&2 called “The Sacrifice” in which you play up to the events in how Bill dies. In this DLC you will be able to play as Zoey who fights a charger, and you also get to play as Bill (yay!) included in this DLC is also the map “No mercy” from Left 4 dead 1.
Release for the new DLC is expected to be Oct. 5th 2010


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