Nightmare House 2 review (9/25/2011)

Nightmare House 2 review

By: Cody Sparks

(Note from the writer: Hello everyone, I would just like to take this moment to apologize, as I have been too busy studying/working in college to write this review sooner. I beaten the game for my “let’s play” on “YouTube” maybe 1-3 months’ ago, so I may mess up a detail or two. But I can safely say this game has left a strong impression/impact on me much like that of Amnesia:  The dark descent” which is something not easily forgotten.)

            First off, I want to congratulate the creators ( of this magnificent piece of horror inducing sexual, orgasmic bliss (kinky); because “Nightmare House 2“is a first person horror inducing fps that runs off the source engine, and is actually a “mod” for the popular video game “Half-Life 2: episode 2” created and published by “Valve”.  Now that we got introductions out of the way, let’s begin the actual review!
            The game starts off with you reliving the first few minutes of nightmare house 1 (breaking into the house, killing monsters, and other good stuff like that.) and after utterly crapping yourself from the surprise jump scares (honestly I couldn’t see them coming!) your character will then be knocked out and find himself waking up in a hospital asylum room. And that is where our story REALLY begins (oh joy the lovely memories!).
            After awaking to a very bright vision distorting light, in a very small padded cell with one entrance. After you exit through the door you find yourself in a creepy, abandoned, and broken down hospital whose only occupant seems to be a non-existent female voice that runs the hospital. After exploring for a bit you encounter your first zombie that you inevitably hack to bits with a rusty axe you just happen to find. After further exploration a radio goes off to an unidentified male voice that soon identifies himself as “Dr. Romero”, (get it? Zombie Romero? I just now realized it was a tribute to the master of zombies), who explains to you the place has been over run with zombies and that you must meet up with him if you are to survive the night. Oh and did I forget to mention the Alma-lookalike twin from fear? Yeah there’s that too.
            The control scheme is basic and works just like the controls for most FPS games (haven’t played Half-Life 2 yet so I cannot comment on their control scheme). You have your standard W, A, S, D, keys for movement, and your mouse for aiming and controlling where your character looks. And too my knowledge the control scheme SHOULD be the same as it is for “Half-Life 2: episode 2”, especially since it is mod, and runs off the same engine.
            The voice acting for “Nightmare House 2” is exceptionally great in my opinion. The voice actors are not annoying or repetitive to listen to and I actually ENJOY looking forward to my next encounter with an NPC (non-player controlled).
One of the things I really must point out is “Nightmare House 2” doesn’t give you crap loads of ammo that you will barely use, like in most FPS horror shooters. I noticed in games like Fear 2” you often have so much ammo that you will barely have to change guns, or worry about feeling nervous about being in a haunted school building with very limited ammo. The enemies in “Nightmare House 2however, actually can take quite a beating and will take quite a few bullets before dying. Which in turn adds to the feeling that they are actually real horrific zombies (the molesting kind).
Overall I find “Nightmare House 2” to be a real horrific tear jerking game, and is just as scary as “Amnesia: the dark descent”, (In my own humble opinion of course). NightmareStudioz gives “Nightmare House 2” a final score of 10 out of 10, citing “ Nightmare House 2 is what most horror games should be.”


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