Game People Launch Videogame Novel Reviews (3/7/2011)

Game People have been reviewing games differently for three years, but their latest influx of creatives push the boundaries a little further. They have just announced the official launch of their Videogame Review Novels.

Chris Jarvis heads up the new column and writes a short story for each videogame he reviews. These are then recorded by voice actors and published every other Monday on the site:

This joins Rebecca Mayes’ videogame song reviews and Adam Moran’s videogame standup comedy to create a trio of unusual ways to rate videogames. Jarvis expanded on what attracted him to the project:

"I write stories to say what I think about games, for me it's the best way to express my reaction. Do you ever have a response to something that's hard to put into words? For a long time stories have helped people to understand intangible ideas. I find that a piece of fiction can give an insight into a game that a regular review can't do in the same way."
It is an approach that not only aims to entertain but also to communicate the unusual nature of a videogame experience: “Often when we criticise games, films or stories we focus on technical areas: control, visuals, atmosphere, pacing and characters. I find that my personal responses aren't always defined by the sum of a games parts and I don't believe yours are, either.”

Recent Novels include:
Epic Mickey:
Pokemon Black/White:
Costume Quest:
Monster Hunter Tri:


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