Dead Space Review 10/31/10 (Updated!)

   Dead Space is an action/horror third person shooter where you must kill grotesque looking creatures called Necromorphs in your pursuit to fixing the Ishimura, finding out the truth about what happened, and getting rescued.
  My first impression of the game came when I saw the dead space commercial for the very first time. All I could say when I first saw the commercial of Dead Space was finally! a horror game that looks scary!! and I wasn't disappointed either when I looked up a Let's Play of the game on Youtube.
   I just recently started to replay the game again and even though I know what will happen prior to it, I still get terrified because the atmosphere in the game is amazing! it makes you flinch at the slightest sound and the grotesque monsters don't make you feel any better either!

  Dead space is one of the first ground breaking games to hit the shelves on October. 14, 2008, praised for it's detailed graphics, solid voice acting, spectacular creepy atmosphere, excellent soundtrack, and great gameplay! making Dead Space a no brainer for one of the best looking, and scariest action/horror games of 2008.

  (Necromorph about to mess Isaac up)

   You play as Isaac, a (probably underpaid) engineer who is sent to the Ishimura (ship) when all communication was suddenly lost. They begin to dock with the Ishimura when all of a sudden things go to hell when they lose power and spin out of control crashing into Ishimura, leaving them stranded there and that is where you begin. Throughout the game you will pick up audio logs left by dead members of the crew, giving you a small insight into what really happened, and again this is where the excellent voice acting plays in.

   The game play is great! though the controls for Dead Space do take some getting used to. There are a few glitches I have come to notice in the game, one is breaking a box by stomping on it when it is on top of a bench and the other is actually quite common in games, sometimes a dead body will begin to spazz out (shake uncontrollably) though keep in mind these are very minor glitches that probably won't even show up during gameplay and if they do, won't interfere with your gameplay.
   Dead Space also does something a bit different and unique to other horror/action games, in order to kill a Necromorph you have to cut off almost all of its limbs with a weapon, meaning body shots count for crap! which means your going to have to calm yourself down long enough to aim at a body limb perfectly, which sometimes isn't an easy thing to do when you hear blood thirsty undead creatures screaming at you from all sides, eagerly running up to give you a big (deadly) hug!

  What I love the most about Dead Space is the atmosphere, it is so creepy and isolated (aside from the monsters!) that you do indeed feel truly alone out in space where the slightest little noise will make you go "what was that?". The voice acting and effects are also superb, sometimes actually making you think your watching a hollywood movie! the only problem that really bothers me is the fact the controls are very sluggish for the pc, like it was a very lazy platform port. Several times during my setup where I was trying to adjust the volume controls and visuals, I had to keep fighting with the mouse, because whenever you move it, the game lags 2 seconds behind, making it very awkward to move and select anything. Aside from that little problem the game is excellent in my personal and professional opinion.

  With the fountains of blood that spills when you shoot an arm off to the very gorey death scenes I give Dead Space a 9 out of 10!! Highly recommended to action/horror junkies.

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