Bioshock pc video game review.

   Yes, I have finally gotten around to writing this review and first off I will tell you I have not finished the entire game yet. I will warn you right now that my memory is a little fuzzy on some of the aspects of the game but I will try to critiqe everything to the best of my ability as a writer.
    Now let's begin sha'll we? for a game from 2007 Bioshock is a gem the graphics seem far ahead of it's time. The graphics are clean and very detailed and can easily suck you into the game and make you forget reality all around you. The game starts out with you the player on a plane reminiscing about what your parents had told you, that you were destined for more. Just as your character is thinking this one of the planes engine's explodes and you crash straight into the ocean. It seems you are the only one alive in the wreckage and you swim to a small tower located right next to the plane wreckage seemingly in the middle of nowhere in the ocean. You go inside the tower and see an elevator that takes you into Rapture an underwater city, and that is where the story begins.
   What makes Bioshock special and unique is the use of ADAM. You inject it into your wrist and it give's you powers' like the ability to shoot electricity, fire, and ice from your hands and that's just scratching the surface of what it can do. The enemies in this game are unique in appearances. Basically the first common enemy you encounter are called "Splicers" think of your ordinary crack pot hobo on heroin and you have splicers. Splicers' were ordinary people who got hooked on ADAM and who will stop at nothing to bash your skull in and take your's. The second is called "Big Daddy" sounds kinky doesn't it? well he is anything but! unless your attracted to giant like robots in diving suits who like to shove a giant drill through your face! they are accompanied by "little sisters" little girls who have been genetically altered and mentally conditioned to reclaim ADAM from the corpses around RaptureSince Big Daddys' require ADAM to live they often protect their "little sisters'" at all costs.
  The gameplay of Bioshock could be a bit better in my opinion. Sure the game mechanics are there but it lacks the ability to allow you to interact with your environment a whole lot. Like for example F.E.A.R. which allowed you to interact with objects by knocking things over, breaking stuff, and the occasional bullet in the wall. There really isn't any kind of storyline to Bioshock or much of a plot in my opinion but that should not stop you from getting this game!
  Overall Bioshock is a game of epic proportions especially for the year 2007 I highly enjoy it and the replay value is definitely there! I give it a 9.7 out of 10 Highly recommended!
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