F.E.A.R Review. UPDATED 12/20/10

    I just noticed I had not written a review for this game yet. I can describe this game in one word "Unique" probably because I don't play horror games as much as I used to. But let me tell you some things about this game.
    In the beginning a psychic commander named Paxton Fettel goes A.W.O.L. and breaks out of his cell, killing several guards in the process, and takes control of psychic soldier clone prototypes', meaning he can control them at will with his mind, where the special ops team F.E.A.R. (F*ck Everything And Run) is called in and debriefed on the matter, before being sent out to clean up this mess and terminate Paxton Fettel. You play as the rookie of the team who goes by the name "point man" who apparently has very quick inhuman like reflexes.

                                               (Self explanatory)  

  As a part of F.E.A.R. you are part of the governments last defense to contain this threat and eliminate Paxton Fettel, (A.K.A psychic commander) along with that most of the time you find yourself in dark creepy places lighted by only your flashlight which also runs out of batteries the longer you leave it on, to recharge it you must turn off the flashlight temporarily for at least 5 seconds..sitting in the dark...all alone..with things trying to kill you! like creepy ghost girls, soldiers, and other creepy things that happen to be around you (EXCELLENT!). This game is incredibly fun and one of the games most unique features is the "slowmo" function where you can slow down time for a short period of time in order to shoot and kill enemies with less chance of being hit (think of the matrix but not as lame).
 Like any other game you haven't played before, F.E.A.R.'s controls will take a bit of time to get used too (not long from my experience). The controls are your Standard W,A,S,D, for movement and moving your mouse to aim/look, if your already familiar with W,A,S,D then you have nothing to worry about, moving on.
   The creators did an awesome job balancing horror and action, say for example you go through some scary hell then right after that you get to kill some cloned soldiers to make up for it! which is an excellent release mechanism to keep a person interested in playing the game instead of making them turn it off in terror. This game is mostly psychological horror meaning you are your own worst enemy, because your going to be constantly scaring yourself thinking somethings going to happen when it really isn't.

Overall I give F.E.A.R. a 10 out of 10. I recommend this game to any action/horror junkie.

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