F.E.A.R. Perseus Mandate review. UPDATED (12/20/2010)

 After having finished the game several months to a year ago, and having watched a full LP of it sitting from a 3rd person view I can say with confidence that this game is a disappointment compared to F.E.A.R. because it is just too action oriented, meaning 70% of the game is action and no scares, aside from a few cheap pop up moments and Alma's visual wtf, am I high moments. The moment I started the game and played it for the first time I thought it was scary and good, but after playing real horror games and thinking back on it this game is really crap.
(Flying ninjas!)

The game starts out with the second F.E.A.R. team being debriefed on a military drop plane on how the battle with ATC has spread throughout the city, soon afterwards you jump out of the plane and straight into enemy gunfire and that is where our story begins. You experience a new type of enemy in this game and they are called the "Nightcrawlers" a mercenary force hired to stop anyone trying to interfere with their plans with Perseus. Throughout the game you, the protagonist are trying to figure out what Perseus really is, and why it is so important. Not a bad story for another game maybe, but since this is F.E.A.R. we already know it has something to do with Alma and her shitty ass childhood, so Monolith really fails in this story department.
 F.E.A.R. always tried its best to balance out the horror and the action which was clever in my own opinion, kill a few guys, get scared, kill a few guys again, etc. But F.E.A.R. Perseus mandate does a horrible job of this in which it is more like kill, kill, kill, scare, kill, kill, etc. There are a few points in the game where you actually do get scared and I am not talking about pop up scares I am talking about the old genuine creepy feel you have come to expect from F.E.A.R., but you do not experience this till late into the game.
  The gameplay on the plus (or minus) side should be very familiar to those who have played F.E.A.R., all the controls have remained the same and, get this! they even threw SLOW MOTION into the game as well without any logical, or justifiable reason for the character having such abilities.

Overall with it's crappy storyline, lack of scares, and Hollywood action slow motion scenes F.E.A.R. Perseus mandate is more suited towards the average shoot 'em up action fan, than the true horror enthusiast and receives a 4 out of 10. I DO NOT recommend this game to any true horror enthusiast.

This review was written by Cody Sparks Owner of NightmareStudioz


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    u should do a review for fear 3 that game sux more than this.

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