Yes the age old mythical ugly beast the troll. Or is it a myth at all? because today it seems there's alot of them running around the internet causing people grief and frustration. I can tell you from first hand experience that they are relentless and will still come after you even if its been years. They just love to poke and prod to get your reaction to get a fight out of you. I created a new deviantart account NightmareStudioz and within 1 day all the old trollers' who harassed me in the past popped up and showed their ugly mugs. The best way to fight a troller is to not feed the flame. Even if you think you can put them in their place and tear them a new one, don't because even if you do they will call more friends to harass and piss you off.

I guess I just made this post to blow off some steam since this just happened yesterday to me.


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